Project Overview

The Ponderosa

Adjala-Tosorontio, Ontario

Tucked into the rolling hills of Mono-Adjala rests this beautiful country property. A working farm in its former years, the Victorian farm house and drive shed had undergone extensive renovations, resulting in a fantastic blend of historic architecture and contemporary features.

Following the renovation of the drive shed into a guest house, the primary concern became the lack of a cohesive and accessible space in which the guest home and main home could come together. Another concern was the steep slope between the two buildings that posed drainage issues. With our landscape design, the goal was to compensate for the slope and drainage in an effective manner while creating a common area where both buildings could relax in the natural beauty of the surrounding country landscape.

In two months this property underwent a drastic transformation that stayed true to the client’s wishes of moving towards an integrated and usable space. The two separate buildings now coexisted in harmony, held together by a main terrace and firepit terrace off the guest house flowing into the existing outdoor living area of the main house through a jumbo flagstone walkway. The drainage concerns were remedied with grading efforts and the incorporation of a dry river bed. The finishing touches included berming, plant material and landscape boulders which were accentuated with colourful Muskoka chairs and painted wood cutoffs by the client, adding a personalized flair and style to the project. Gone was the directionless grassy scene and in its place an engaging vista that invited everyone to explore. We’re proud to have helped alleviate the monotony of the everyday farm that once was by transforming the landscape into a place of natural vitality.

Key Features:

  • Landscape design (colour master plan/detailed planting plan)
  • Dry lay jumbo flagstone walkways and terraces with Irish Moss (Sagina Subulata) joints
  • Winding Wiarton ledgerock staircase
  • Sunken firepit terrace
  • Dry river bed complete with custom steel bridge

The Ponderosa

An integrated and harmonious space between two living spaces in which our client and their guests can come together and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding country landscape.

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