The Tumber Philosophy is simple.

We strive to design and build emotionally engaging environments that can be enjoyed as a personal oasis or in the company of others.

No matter what your needs require, our priority is customer satisfaction. We guarantee integrity, quality and craftsmanship without compromise.

Tumber Landscape Design Philosophy

Natural Inspirations

Our biggest inspiration and passion is the world around us.

For that reason, we choose to be submersed in nature—whether that is in our everyday scenery or an entirely new environment.

Regardless of our location, we are constantly learning new ways to seamlessly recreate nature, molding our projects to be enriched by their natural environments—no matter the time of year. When designing, we account for all seasons, from the astonishing geometric icy patterns decorating winter surfaces to spring’s rare mixtures and textures of vegetation.

The Process





Pillar 1: Framing

A focal point draws the viewer’s eye towards a destination and once your attention arrives, it’s rewarded with a visually pleasing experience. These focal points could be small or large, organic or synthetic, ethereal or tangible. However, they must be carefully chosen and properly placed. Framing sets up a landscape. This gives the proper attention to primary visual elements while forming a natural emotional awakening within the viewer.

Pillar 2: Depth of Field

Whether it is subconscious or in the forefront of your mind, we all crave a depth of field. We love the contrast between the foreground and background, light and dark, rough and smooth, high and low, and everything in between. However, depth of field doesn’t end there. It also requires utilizing the 4th dimension of your emotional landscape. This is developed with a careful selection and placement of olfactory and auditory elements and contributes to the story of your landscape.

Pillar 3: Enclosure

As the world gets smaller, much needed solitude is harder to find. That’s why we design for seclusion with strategically placed, natural feeling environmental elements, such as foliage and creeks. These offer a visual buffer from the outside world and with that barrier comes emotional reassurance and protection. It’s a delicate balance we’ve mastered between an enclosure that offers security and not suffocation. While it’s a tricky combination, when done properly, it has the power to emotionally move you.

Pillar 4: Journey

Our designs are like your favorite story where each page and detail unfolds at the perfect moment. It’s comprised of three chapters: a starting point, an interesting path, and a destination.

Your landscape will be equipped with tantalizing details that provoke one of your most powerful emotions, curiosity. We’ve spent decades crafting curiosity with subtle and alluring elements that are delicately woven throughout your landscape.

Why Choose Us

We have practiced in the landscape design and build world for over 40 years. During the past decades, we’ve collected skills and techniques that can only be gathered with extensive field experience.

Our expertise includes providing complete solutions for cultivating immersive environments that are both emotionally engaging and visually attractive. We execute all aspects of the project while maintaining your vision to the utmost. We create your visionary landscape to seamlessly blend into its natural environment and fit your custom needs. These award-winning factors have made Tumber unrivaled in convenience, customer service, and satisfaction.

In the end, you’ll experience our mesmerizing craft of constructing landscapes that fit your emotional needs. Whether that is a tranquil oasis or a place to reconnect with loved ones. We nurture and transform a space to its full potential to elegantly imitate timeless natural wonders.

“We nurture and transform a space to its full potential to elegantly imitate timeless, natural wonders.”

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