Natural Swim Ponds

A natural swim pond makes use of natural vegetation to filter the water, creating a clean, chemical-free environment. They are a great alternative to swimmers who don’t enjoy the experience of harsh chemicals and chlorine.

What are the Benefits of Natural Swim Ponds?

A professional pond contractor can design a pond to incorporate it into your backyard landscape, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful ambience at home, and provides both a picturesque retreat from the stress of everyday life and also a striking “wow” factor for guests.

The team at Tumber carefully designs and builds ponds to make use of the natural surroundings, taking into account how to make the most of sunsets, morning light, landscape reflections, and more.

These water features come with infinite shapes, sizes, and functions — there are no restrictions!

Whether you are looking for a feature where you can reflect and find inspiration, or if you are drawn to the ecological and environmental benefits, a natural swim pond can be a very useful element in your designed landscape.

Tumber & Associates has been designing, building, and maintaining natural swim ponds for over 40 years, and many satisfied clients that can speak to the quality of our workmanship!

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What our clients are saying

“The beauty created by Tumber at our home cannot be described by words or pictures! After living at our home for a few years and not being able to enjoy the yard due to it always being wet, we finally started searching for a company to turn our swamp into a beautiful oasis. We contacted Tumber and scheduled a consultation. Mihal explained why our yard was always wet and explained what needs to be done before a single paver, stone, tree, or plant was placed. We are absolutely amazed with what you guys were able to achieve — thank you so much!”


“Tumber did an amazing job transforming our backyard into an oasis. The team was very professional, kind and clearly excited about what they do. I have to say that it is rare to see people provide above and beyond service. We are in love with our backyard!”


What is Involved in a Pond Design and Construction Project?


During our initial discussions we can confirm the ideal location for your new pond.

When choosing a location, we take into account natural water drainage. We also want to select a spot where it will have maximum impact and use.


The design process is necessary for ensuring each detail has been considered long before we start digging.

The design inevitably depends on how you plan to use your pond. Just like with any inground pool, a pond can be designed with practical shallow areas to make swimming and maintenance more enjoyable.

If you are planning on including fish in your swim pond, we can also take this into account and create an environment that suits and allows them to survive over the winter months.

Rock and stone both in and around the pond provide a beautiful, natural touch that helps the pond blend right into the natural landscape. Rock formations also provide a great way to include creative features like waterfalls.

Build, Maintenance & Upkeep

Once design is complete, it’s time to build! Our team is experienced when it comes to including proper filtration to make upkeep easier in the long run.

We’ll also give you guidance on how to maintain your new pond, so you can enjoy it for years to come!


Maybe instead of a fresh new installation you need to breathe some life into your existing pond? If so, Tumber is here to help!

We’ve worked with all kinds of swim pond renovation work, from leaks on waterfall systems to updating the style to a more modern and fresh design.

If you’ve got a problem with algae making the swim pond completely unusable, you can trust our experts to assess and solve the issue so you can fresh, crystal clear water from your swim pond once again!

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