About Us

We create the places you crave to go.

With an emphasis on subtle, yet stunning, natural beauty, our expertise is in cultivating immersive environments that are both emotionally engaging and visually attractive.

Should you find yourself in need of a secluded personal getaway, a tranquil oasis to reconnect with loved ones, or a domestic exploration—we will accommodate all your custom requests.

From our very first consultation to the finishing touches, we fulfill all aspects of your project. Enjoy peace of mind while your sanctuary is being expertly designed, managed, and executed to the highest of standards and without the hassle.

With our biggest rival as Mother Nature herself, we are your personal earth movers, world changers, and destination molders. If you’re ready for quality craftsmanship and a whole new environment, we’d love to transform your world.


In 1976, Randy founded Tumber.

More than 40 years ago, our experience began on the humble foundation of a View-Master and a pure love of horticulture. This passion has expanded over the years to also include landscape design and construction. Amongst the many decades, we’ve become one of the most awarded companies in the industry. It is our awards and experience that truly set us above the rest.

While this is our history, we’d love the opportunity to make you part of our future.

The View Master

Randy Tumber, AKA the View-Master, is the man who started it all. Our founder began his visionary journey when he was just 8 years old with the discovery of a nifty little toy called the ‘View-Master.’

The first click of the View-Master was the precise moment that Randy was opened to the wonderment of creating a new world. 

Since then, he has spent decades perfecting his craft of designing and building immersive, emotionally moving landscapes.


Today, it is clear our more than 40 years of experience, awards, and dedication to only producing excellent work differentiate us. We are one of the most decorated companies in our industry with countless awards and accreditations.

In the last decade, we have earned over 100 awards. Amongst our prestigious accolades are two Dunnington Grubb awards for best overall landscape in Ontario, National Landscape of the Year, and two international Master of Design awards.


For decades, our emotionally engaging and visually attractive outdoor living spaces have captivated international audiences.  Satisfy your curiosity with our mesmerizing transformations, expert know-how, and inspiration.

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