Hillside Haven

Project Overview

Hillside Haven

Elora, Ontario

Intriguingly perched on top of a deep ravine, this newly built estate home property presented itself with many unique design opportunities. Taking into consideration the steep grade of the property as well as the client’s desire for a pool, deck, and safe visual access between the two, it was decided that a tiered landscape would be ideal.

A small pool surrounded by an upper and lower terrace was installed to accommodate the tiered design, along with several stone staircases, landings and direction changes to provide access to the pool from several different elevations. The multi-level deck continued this trend, with the section facing the pool being the lowest tier to allow for optimal visual access. Plant material that would thrive in the acidic and shaded property was chosen, further enhancing the varying elevations throughout the property.

For a better appreciation of Hillside Haven’s unique design, make sure to watch the project’s video!

Key Features

  • Plunge pool with variable speed swim jets to allow all levels of swimmers the opportunity to use the feature.
  • Multi-level deck to provide an outdoor living space as well as visual access to the pool.
  • Movie screen and surround sound speakers throughout the property, perfect for family and neighbourhood movie nights.
  • Custom natural stonework, including terraces, steps, walkways and pool coping.
  • Landscape lighting throughout property to extend the usability of the entertainment areas.

Hillside Haven

A perfect area for entertaining, explore this unique hillside living space.

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